Nintendo has sold more than 10 million units of their handheld DS in the United Kingdom, making it the best-selling game console in the region’s history.

The total sales numbers since the console was released in 2005 were reported by GFK Chart-Track (subscription required.) The mark of 10.05 million sold narrowly beats out the PlayStation 2, which has sold 10.02 million units in Britain. Nintendo estimates that 1 out of every 6 Brits has a DS.

The company, of course, has some marketing bullet points as to why the DS is so popular. “Nintendo’s Touch Generations range of software, which has been expanding the definition of videogame, has resonated strongly with people of all ages, extending its appeal to a non-traditional gaming audience, which now sees people aged between five and 95 picking up and playing Nintendo DS consoles,” said Nintendo.

Nintendo has announced in the past that it has shipped over 100 million DS all over the world. Even if all of those units are bought up by consumers, the DS has a long way to go to beat out total sales of the PS2. The Sony console holds the record for best-selling console ever, with 160 million sales worldwide.

I guess there are a lot of kids out there with pink DSes in Hello Kitty cases but cool black plastic is still the trump card.


Source: GamesIndustry and Edge

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