Smash Bros. is still fun even in four color monochrome.

Even in Super Smash Bros.‘ debut on the N64, it was colorful and full of 3D graphics. If you find it bothersome that the series has only been updated in later entries such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dan Fornace has the perfect Smash Bros. game for you.

Fornace, with the help of audio engineer Brendan Becker, has de-made Smash Bros. into Super Smash Land, a title that plays just like it would on the Game Boy. There’s no actual cartridge because it’s played through a PC, but just look at it: That’s a Game Boy game.

What’s that? This couldn’t be an actual game you say? It’s just some visual wizardry released to YouTube? Not so. Fornace has released a Super Smash Land demo already, and you can get it right here.

It only features 2 characters so far, and just 3 stages, but this is the Game Boy here so don’t expect the same features as Brawl. Currently, players can battle it out as Mario and Kirby, but Fornace plans to add Link and Pikachu (both characters found on the Game Boy) and 2 secret characters, one of which that has never been in Smash Bros. before, but is a Nintendo character. Fornace also wants to add 10 total stages, and an Endless Mode with an an online leaderboard.

Super Smash Land takes its name from Mario’s original Game Boy entry, Super Mario Land. Unlike the strange changes seen in Super Mario Land, Super Smash Land is a pretty much spot on Game Boy translation. So why would anyone de-make a game into one with inferior graphics and gameplay? Duh, because it’s cool. Super Smash Land is a fan project, so the final version will be out when it’s out.

Source: PikiGeek, via GoNintendo

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