Nintendo Forecast Channel Launches, Opera Browser Friday


Nintendo has launched the new Forecast Channel on the Nintendo Wii today with a small bug worth noting. The company has also announced that a free trial of the Opera browser will start this Friday.

The promised Forecast Channel has launched today, allowing Wii owners with broadband connections to check the weather anywhere in the world through their console. You may get an error stating that the channel requires Wii Connect 24 to be enabled, even if it already is. The standby connection option also needs to be enabled in order for the Forecast Channel to work. Using a 3D globe provided by NASA, Wii owners can check the current weather and five day forecasts all over the world.

Nintendo has also announced that the Opera browser will be released this Friday free of charge. A beta, the “final” version will also be free from March, 2007 to June, 2007. After that, the browser will sell for 500 ($5) Wii points.

The Wii News Service is slated to launch January 27th, 2007.

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