With less than 48 hours to launch, Nintendo is giving us the first look at the Switch’s eShop in a new video.

The Switch, Nintendo’s upcoming console hybrid, releases this Friday, March 3. There are still plenty of questions floating around, but one has been cleared up with the release of a new video. Here’s our first look at the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.

The video opens by detailing the Switch’s News Feature, which updates players on the latest updates from Nintendo, including behind-the-scenes info and trailers.

The eShop includes sections for recent releases, games that are releasing soon, and entering a code. The video also shows off the search option and filters that can be applied while searching.

As previously confirmed, the video reiterates the fact that anyone with funds in their accounts on a 3DS or Wii U can access those funds on the Switch via a shared wallet by merging funds. Once you link your Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo Account to the Switch, the function is available.

The video also states that Switch can download games while in sleep mode.

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