With Wii Channels and downloadable games galore, Nintendo is watching the storage room on Wii owner’s systems.

Wii Channels and WiiWare games take up space, and system owners have been clamoring for a simple solution that would allow them to store all their content on the console. In the weeks before E3, Nintendo representatives denied any announcement of a hard drive. The trade show came and went without any word of an attachable data housing unit.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that despite all the anti-hard drive talk, the company is watching closely.

“We have said publicly that we’re looking hard at the storage situation, that we’re working on a range of solutions. We have nothing to announce now. But certainly it’s an issue we are aware of and we’re working to find a solution and we will,” stated Fils-Aime.

This question started out as an issue for only “geeks and otaku“, as one Nintendo representative unfortunatly stated. But as more Wii owners purchase more games and content, Fils-Aime explained that the problem of room on the Wii will become more widely recognized.

“From an Americas-centric perspective, here is the reality we see. We have a consumer base who loves Virtual Console. We have a userbase who really is enjoying WiiWare content. So for us, our challenge really is how do we satisfy all these consumers who are loving all of the product we make available on a download basis?” questioned Fils-Aime. “As we continue to have things, as you point out, like Mario Kart that has its own channel when you’re playing from an internet perspective, we’re just making this challenge tougher and tougher. So in our view this is becoming much more of a mainstream problem, which is why we have a sense of urgency to solve it.”

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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