Charging Cradle 1

On October 31st Club Nintendo members will be able to buy newly colored charging cradles for their 3DS XLs.

There’s really no understating how useful the 3DS and 3DS XL charging cradles are. It’s the sort of add-on that injects a touch of convenience that, though technically minor, nonetheless feels like a huge improvement over the alternative. The charging cradle gives your 3DS a spot, a permanent place in your home where you can drop it off to rest and wait for you until you’re ready to use it again. Once you’ve established that as your charging status quo, plugging your handheld directly into a wall with some awkward dangly cord seems downright Neanderthal-ic.

Hoping to further spruce up the charging cradle experience, Nintendo has revealed that it will be releasing a new line of 3DS XL cradles that will feature different colors besides the original black. The new colors will include blue, yellow, green, red and white and will go on sale starting on October 31st. The catch is that they’ll only be available to Club Nintendo members. Members will need to spend 500 club points to receive one of the newly-hued cradles. Looking at the colors being offered, we’re curious as to your impressions and which one you’d like to rest your XL in. Being a fan of visual uniformity I’d like one of the red ones to match my red XL.

Source: Club Nintendo via Joystiq

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