Nintendo Reveals New IP: Ever Oasis – a 3DS RPG


Ever Oasis appears to be a “Zelda-esque” RPG for the 3DS.

While Nintendo’s E3 presence this year was fairly, lackluster, it did still have a few surprises in store. Chief of those was the reveal of an entirely new IP: Ever Oasis. Revealed during its Treehouse livestream event, Ever Oasis appears to be a very “Zelda-esque” RPG for the 3DS set in a magical desert inspiried by Egyptian mythology.

In Ever Oasis, you play as a chosen Seedling, and your mission is to build a prosperous oasis with the game world’s vast desert by working with your partner, lsuna. Just like in the Zelda series, you will delve into dungeons to solve puzzles and find new items, as well as collect materials and recruit artisans to build up your “town”.

The game is being developed by GREZZO Co., Ltd. the team behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. It’s currently slated for a “2017” release date, though Nintendo didn’t offer anything more specific than that.

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