Nintendo of America announced today that it strongly supports the U.S. government efforts to set up communications with China, regarding China’s failure to meet World Trade Organization obligations concerning intellectual property protection and enforcement.

More than 7.7 million counterfeit videogame products have been seized from Chinese retailers and factories in the past four years, and there has only been a single criminal prosecution for piracy, despite aggressive efforts over the past decade to combat counterfeiting.

Numerous factories where tens of thousands of counterfeit products have been seized have escaped with either trivial fines or no punishment at all. These production facilities keep stock levels perpetually below criminal thresholds to avoid punishment and usually continue to operate, even after products are seized.

This year, Nintendo provided evidence to the U.S. Trade Representative regarding piracy in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay, in accordance with the Special 301 process, which makes judgments about the adequacy of intellectual property laws and enforcement in foreign countries.

This piracy affects Nintendo and more than 100 other companies that independently create, license, and sell Nintendo products.

Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo of America’s Senior Director of Anti-Piracy said, “We’re pleased the U.S. Government is pushing China to comply with its trade commitments in an effort to protect the lifeblood of the copyright and trademark industries.”

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