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Could this have something to do with Nintendo’s upcoming new console, the NX?

Damon Baker, Nintendo of America’s senior manager of licensing and marketing, speaking to Nintendo World Report has teased a special announcement from the company due to hit the interwebs on Monday.

“Speaking of announcements, I wish I could tell you guys, but stay tuned for Monday. Monday there’s going to be something… something happening on Monday. It’s going to be big,” said Baker.

“Stay tuned, it’s going to be good!” he added.

Baker’s role at Nintendo has a lot of involvement with indie developers, so its possible the announcement may have something to do with that. It’s also possible it may have something to do with the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct which is due out at the end of the month.

Besides that, feel free to speculate wildly. Perhaps we will finally see something to do with the Nintendo NX, which rumors are suggesting will launch next year. Or, it may have something to do with Nintendo’s new smartphone initiative.

Stay tuned!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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