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EA says the reason they can’t put The Force Awakens characters into Battlefront is because it would break canon.

When Star Wars Battlefront was released, its lack-of-content was one of its biggest negatives. Of course, many assumed that the gap would be filled with various DLC packs, but unfortunately for you The Force Awakens fans EA has said that no Episode VII content will ever feature in the game. Now, EA games has revealed the reason. No, it’s not so you have to buy Battlefront 2 for your TFW fix, but because Disney gave them strict instructions to not break canon.

“On Star Wars, the one thing that we are adhering to, and I think this is part of our arrangement with Lucas and Disney, is you can’t make a game in Star Wars that violates the canon of Star Wars,” CFO Blake Jorgensen said.

“Our current Battlefront game is all based on the historical Star Wars canon, which is 30 years before the most recent movie, that will limit our ability to bring some new content into that.”

Basically, he’s saying that you can’t have Finn and Rey fighting alongside Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

“But more to come there obviously,” he continued. “We’re trying to stay tightly connected to the Star Wars beat for future movies and we’ll obviously in future Star Wars games be able to tap the new characters and vehicles and so forth. But in our current game and for that manner the DLC associated with that current game obviously we’ll have to be careful that we don’t violate the canon.”

So there you go. Battlefront‘s lack-of-content is so that it doesn’t violate canon. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go back to recreating my favorite canon moment from the classic Star Wars: the time when Han Solo fought Emperor Palpatine on Endor.

Source: Video Gamer

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