Despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Brighter Minds Media intends on saving every employee for when it emerges from its restructuring.

World of Goo, the sequel to developer 2D Boy’s Tower of Goo project, was the team’s most wildly successful underground game, launching with critical rave reviews on multiple systems.

Sadly, such news wasn’t enough to bankroll Brighter Minds Media, the publisher that, a few days ago, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“This was a voluntary bankruptcy,” noted Brighter Minds representative Mia McPherson. “The state of the economy has affected us much like it has affected many other businesses. With sales suffering among retail and other outlets across the board, we’ve certainly felt the impacts of this as many others have. And this allows us to reorganize and become a much healthier company.”

The dismal economic comments might not be news to anyone that watches evening news or reads about the thousands of monthly layoffs. Fortunately for the employees at Brighter Minds, McPherson assured that the company has “no plans to lay anybody off as we have a great team that is going to do great things.”

“We’re extremely optimistic that this move will provide a great opportunity for Brighter Minds, as we’ve been fortunate enough to have the complete support of our lender to reorganize our company and continue to do business during this reorganization,” she explained. “We do not foresee this move having any effect on our business whatsoever. If anything, this will allow our business to go stronger, and we are moving forward with several new projects that we’re very excited to share with the gaming community.”

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