“If you could have lived our lives over the last months, you’d know how meaningful this is.”

Hello Games founder Sean Murray took to Twitter today (for real, this time) to share the news of the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky. In a series of tweets, Murray thanked fans for “sticking with us,” and attributed the studios’ silence to not wanting to discuss the update “until it was 100% certain.”

“We’re getting better as quickly as we can for the players who invested in us. Thank you for sticking with us,” Sean Murray wrote on Twitter, adding “We hope you enjoy this first proper update. We didn’t want to talk about anything in it until it was 100% certain.”

“If you could have lived our lives over the last months, you’d know how meaningful this is,” he added, speaking of the update.

The Foundation Update was announced on Friday, although details on what would be included were sparse. Now that the update, 1.1, is live, we have a better idea of what is included, and how it may impact the state of the game.

The post detailing the update can be viewed, in full, here, and is huge. For starters, there are now three game modes: Normal (the original game, with normal difficulty and resources), Creative (where players can explore the game “without limits,” and “build a huge base”), and Survival (planets and enemies are more dangerous, “creating a much more challenging endurance experience”).

As for base-building, the announcement promises the ability to create elaborate structures, recruit alien lifeforms to help research new technology and run different sections, including farming, engineering, and weapons, and the ability to fast travel to your base from any space station. If you find a better location, you can dismantle your base, which will refund your spent resources.

Additionally, you can buy huge freighters, customize them, and use them to transfer large quantities of materials, along with much more.

The last patch, 1.09, released in September, and focused on bug fixes, most notably the ability to more easily recover corrupted save files.

According to Hello Games, this is “the first of many free updates that will build on the original No Man’s Sky.”

The game has been heavily criticized since its release, with critics alleging false advertising and missing features. These complaints have prompted an investigation by the UK’s Advertising Standard Authority.

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