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No Man’s Sky Origins Update Adds Massive Amount of New Features

The new No Man’s Sky Origins update has added an astonishing amount of new content and features for the game, including UI makeovers, weather hazards, and new planets.

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In terms of the UI, many menus have been overhauled, complete with new colors and aesthetics. The teleporter interface has been changed to be more consistent with the Space Anomaly teleporter and now provides more information about a target planet or system before heading there. Players can now filter, hide, and sort visited systems in the Discovery Page as well.

A bevy of weather effects has been added too in No Man’s Sky Origins. Storms can cause firestorms to erupt on a planet’s surface if the temperature is too extreme. Tornadoes can also be present during strong storms, and anything in its path will get picked up. Of course, during storms players will have to avoid getting hit by lightning.

The solar system features new planets with both binary and ternary stars. These new planets have incredible landscapes with rich and diverse ecosystems, including “colossal”-scale mountains and vistas. New alien fauna can be discovered, and players might come across synthetic life in the form of wild robots! Herd sizes have also been increased with their flocking behaviors improved.

Those are only some of the updates in No Man’s Sky Origins. For the full list, in addition to patch notes, the official No Man’s Sky website has a list. No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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