No Prince of Persia DLC For PC


Own the PC version of Prince of Persia and want to know the “real” ending of the game? You’re going to have buy it on console, because Ubisoft won’t be bringing the “Epilogue” DLC, which continues the game’s story, to the PC.

Last week Ubisoft announced the “Epilogue” DLC for last year’s Prince of Persia, which adds a host of interesting new stuff to the game like new environments, enemies and moves, but most significantly continues the game’s story after its somewhat controversial conclusion and finds the Prince and Elika getting into all sorts of new misadventures. “Epilogue” is due for release on February 26 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it won’t be coming to the PC, Ubisoft revealed today, citing “business reasons” for its absence.

It’s not that the demand isn’t there. Some Prince of Persia fans over on the Ubisoft forums conducted a poll to see who’d like to see the DLC on the PC, and an overwhelming 94% said yes. Why anyone would vote no I can’t fathom, and neither can Ubisoft, who, even as they make clear they’re aware that PC gamers want this DLC, are still content to just say sorry, it ain’t happening. “Sort of an unfair poll to prove a point really – if you’re on this forum then you’re likely a PoP fan, you clearly have a PC and you probably played PoP on PC, so therefore it’s very likely you’ll want the DLC,” Ubisoft community developer Chris “UbiRazz” Easton posted. “Unfortunately for business reasons we won’t be seeing any PoP DLC appear. Sorry guys!”

Ubisoft can stuff its sorries in a sack, say some fans. “Well Ubisoft, are you planning to release a second PoP within the new storyline, setting and with the new characters?” poster SaggitariusArc asked. “Go ahead, but don’t expect many of us loyal buyers to make the same mistake twice. You just made it clear that PC players are kinda second class citizens.”

Could this be Ubisoft’s reaction to their “DRM-Free Prince of Persiaexperiment? Last year Ubisoft decided to do away with DRM for Prince of Persia to see just how honest people really were about their pirating habits. “A lot of people complain that DRM is what forces people to pirate games but as PoP PC has no DRM we’ll see how truthful people actually are. Not very, I imagine,” Easton remarked back then. Presuming their experiment failed, it would give them plenty of reason to withhold the DLC for PC since, for all they can see, it would just get pirated too. To me it’s always sounded like Ubisoft always knew their “no DRM” experiment was doomed to failure, so if piracy really is the reason for this, weren’t Ubisoft just building an excuse way ahead of time to not release the DLC on PC?

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