Noesis Interactive Finds Distributor for “Mod Your World” DVDs


Sumthing Distribution has partnered with Noesis Interactive to distribute the Mod Your World training series of DVDs.

The Mod Your World DVD series teaches would-be game developers how to design, build and integrate 3-D characters, props and maps into Source-powered games like Half-Life 2.

“We are proud to partner with Noesis Interactive as retail distributor for their Mod Your World DVD series and future product family lines,” said Andy Uterano, President of Sumthing Distribution.

Dave Larson, CEO of Noesis Interactive, commented, “Our singular focus is to deliver the training the video gaming community wants, and we are delighted to partner with Sumthing Distribution in releasing our definitive product line of training tools for Source powered games to a mass audience.”

Working with industry leaders like Valve, Softimage and Autodesk, Noesis Interactive works to expand knowledge and creativity among gamers around the world.

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