Nordic Games and GOG are teaming up for a weekend promotion slashing prices on the publisher’s product.

Back in September, GOG’s game catalog took a bit of a hit when Nordic Games pulled its library from the site’s virtual shelves. In response, GOG held a “Last Chance Special” aimed at giving its customers a final opportunity to purchase DRM-free copies of exiting games before they disappeared. It would now seem, however, that that this “last chance” wasn’t as final as the digital distributor had been expecting. As of today, Nordic’s games are returning to GOG for a weekend promotion that will give GOG-devotees another chance to add the publisher’s games to their collections.

Dubbed the “Nordic In-N-Out” promotion, the new sale will last four days and offer discounts ranging between 75 and 85 percent. GOG is also offering a whopping 90 percent off to anyone who purchases the entire Nordic catalog all in one shot. Included among the discounted games are a variety of titles from diverse genres. RPG fans might want to invest in the Gothic series. Shooter and RTS aficionados, meanwhile, might be interested in picking up Painkiller: Black Edition and the Spellforce games.

While this promotion, on its own, is pretty nifty, we can’t help but wonder if this could also be a hint that Nordic and GOG might be moving back toward a more permanent working relationship. We’ve reached out to GOG to see if they can offer any comments. Regardless of what they say however, we’d highly recommend you take a look at the games in this sale. After all, if this does wind up being “In-N-Out” as the promotion suggests, there’s no telling when you’ll get another chance to pick up Nordic’s games DRM-free.

Source: GOG

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