North Korea Takes Seth Rogen Complaint To The UN


It’s an act of war, I tells ya! AN ACT OF WAR!

Last month an unidentified North Korean spokesman threatened swift and merciless retaliation against the US if Seth Rogen’s latest, The Interview, ever gets to the big screen, but now it’s official: North Korea has taken its sorrows to the United Nations, in a written complaint. It’s an act of war, says North Korea’s U.N. Ambassador Ja Song Nam; the movie ought never to be shown.

“To allow the production and distribution of such a film on the assassination of an incumbent head of a sovereign state should be regarded as the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war,” says Ja. “The United States authorities should take immediate and appropriate actions to ban the production and distribution of the aforementioned film; otherwise, it will be fully responsible for encouraging and sponsoring terrorism.”

In The Interview, for those of you who haven’t been following North Korea’s hissy fit, Rogen and James Franco play two journalists who land a career-making gig, to interview the North Korean dictator. Soon afterward they’re recruited by the CIA in a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. Hijinks ensue.

While films have been banned in the United States before, more often than not nudity or sexual content is the trigger. Perhaps that shot of Kim Jong-Un’s rippling back fat will tip the scales.

Or perhaps not. Seth Rogen isn’t too concerned about these developments; after all, he Tweeted back in June, “People don’t usually wanna kill me for one of my movies until after they’ve paid 12 bucks for it.”

Source: Guardian

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