This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Not for Broadcast.

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FMV games have gone through something of a redemption, haven’t they. I remember back in the 90s when FMV stood for Fuzzy Mammaries and Violence and the gameplay of FMV games chiefly involved clicking on the bloodstained tits to look at some different bloodstained tits. Also the games either came on enough CD-ROMS to construct a functional soapbox derby racer, or the videos were so massively compressed you’d have better luck masturbating to an image of a fully dressed softcore porn actress holding up an embroidered picture of a fruitbowl. But in more recent years FMV games, while still having file sizes that sit atop your solid state drive like an overweight St. Bernard on an unprepared lap, have gained a certain amount of prestige, thanks to games like Her Story and… Her S- oh I already mentioned that one. Um. Maybe I should’ve thought about this before I started talking. In any case, here’s a second one for the list: Not For Broadcast, just out of early access, an FMV title that gamifies the experience of being a live TV news broadcaster creating an edit on the fly, set in a satirical alternative version of contemporary Britain whose most bizarre and otherworldly quality is that people still seem to give a shit about TV news.

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