Sometimes games considered too violent are toned down for a regional market, but Rising Star Games head Martin Defries says Japanese-made No More Heroes is shipping to the U.S. with more gore added in.

Defries was responding to criticism of his company based on speculation that the title would reach Europe censored compared to the American version.

He said, however, that what was in fact happening is that Rising Star Games is simply reproducing the Japanese version.

“We’ve always drawn down our games from Japan. We tailor them in language, in text and audio, and nothing else,” he said.

Defries also noted:

Ours, which will be drawn down from our parent company, Marvelous Interactive, which is directly from the Japanese iteration of the game, and there will be a version in the US that is a full-on gore, beheadings, dismemberment…and it seems some confusion has come to the fore in the past few days as to which version Rising Star Games will publish.

Defries said he had no idea why the U.S. version was modified.

“Why the decision [to add in additional gory detail to the U.S. release] has been made is a difficult one for me to comment on – that’s a Ubisoft decision for the North American market.”


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