NYCC Ghostbusters Hands On


Ghostbusters might just fulfill your wildest proton pack dreams. I won’t say that I was totally blown away by the game, but with the ability to use a PKE meter, the trap and your proton guns in either a lasso or blaster mode, it’s hard for me to believe I won’t be tempted to relive at least a few of my childhood fantasies. Did I mention the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man is in the game?

The actual level I played had me running around in a skyscraper blasting hordes of ectoplasmic wraiths. This was not particularly exciting. However, when I got to the roof I saw the potential for this game. The roof was a boss encounter that had me using the proton guns streams as lassos to rope in some flying construction workers and force them into the trap I had set up. It was, just like the movie. And no, I don’t believe its possible to cross the streams.

I do wonder if some of this game’s audience will find itself either too young to enjoy the warm fuzzy nostalgia this game clearly enjoys among the 20 something and older crowd. And I also wonder if Viggo the Carpathian will get his fair due as well.

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