Obduction, the spiritual successor to the classic adventure Myst, has achieved its Kickstarter goal.

Back in October, Cyan hit Kickstarter with Obduction, a “spiritual successor” to the great and mighty Myst. I was hopeful it would succeed, but not terribly optimistic: Myst was a long time ago, and the $1.1 million goal was steep. And it was kind of a close thing, but with just under three days on the clock, the goal has been hit.

With basic funding taken care of, the team is now looking ahead to stretch goals: Oculus Rift support and localized versions in French, Italian, German and Spanish at $1.3 million, and a fourth world plus “Roadtrip Mode” at $1.7 million. Roadtrip Mode allows two people to share the experience of the game over the internet, with one person “driving,” controlling movement and interaction, while the other can freely observe on his or her own computer as a “passenger.” The idea is to facilitate collaborative gameplay, which Cyan said is how many people played its previous games, although presumably on a shared PC rather than online.

The first stretch goal is achievable but hardly a sure thing, but the second seems likely out of reach unless Obduction gets a mighty push before the weekend. It’s not out of the question – Kickstarters often see a big surge in support over the last day or two – but while Cyan said the extra content will “expand the width and breadth of the Obduction experience,” I don’t think it’s all that terribly important, either. I’m happy enough that it’s happening at all.

Source: Kickstarter

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