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The creators of New Vegas may have something new in store.

Obsidian Entertainment has an interesting position in the games industry. Some of its most successful games, like Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas, are follow-ups to other studios’ groundbreaking games, which the folks at Obsidian adapt and refine into worthy sequels. That’s why the studio has turned a few heads with a new job listing for a “unique next generation game.” It’s only a blip on the radar for now, but we may be seeing something fresh from the acclaimed RPG studio.

The Obsidian website lists two open positions specifically related to next-gen development: a Level Designer and a UI/User Experience Artist. The level designer will be responsible for “planning and populating missions/quests, scripted sequences, encounters, challenges and rewards.” Experience with working on role playing games is listed as a plus. It’s pretty safe to assume, then, that whatever next-gen project Obsidian has brewing won’t be straying far from the studio’s RPG roots.

The big question here is what makes this next-gen game “unique.” Is the company bringing on new talent to forge a new IP? To date, the only game Obsidian has developed that wasn’t part of a pre-existing franchise was Alpha Protocol, which had a lackluster reception despite becoming an underground cult classic. Obsidian has previously expressed interest in pitching a new Star Wars game to Disney or developing a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, but neither of those options are looking very likely at the moment due to uncertainties about the next generation of consoles.

It could be argued that the unannounced game could be an older franchise with unique next-gen gameplay or technology, but it’s far too early to make any substantial guesses. Obsidian has a reputation for flawed masterpieces – most of its games have been plagued by bugs, glitches, and cut content – so whatever game they produce runs the risk of worsening these problems with unfamiliar hardware issues. Still, keep your eyes peeled for news from the studio. Whatever they’re doing, it’s probably going to be big.

Source: Obsidian

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