Obsidian Shows Off Project Eternity Environments In Action

The first look at the animated world of Project Eternity is nothing short of glorious.

“I don’t want to oversell this, but you might want to pressurize the room that you’re in because your head could explode from what you’re about to see,” Project Director Josh Sawyer says in the opening of the latest Project Eternity trailer. Fair warning, then, and while I’m pleased to report that my skull did not in fact pop like a zit upon viewing this trailer, I do appreciate the heads-up, and I can’t honestly say it’s an oversell at all.

The video is purely environmental, with no gameplay or interface components on display, but it’s nonetheless absolutely stunning. Sawyer says the backdrops are designed to capture an aesthetic similar to that of games like Icewind Dale but with greater “dynamism” than what was typically seen in Infinity Engine games. Dynamism, which includes movement of objects like trees and grass within the scene, flowing water and day/night cycles with real-time lighting, is the big seller here – “it’s pretty cool,” as Sawyer puts it – and based on this little clip, I’d say the team has nailed it.

The in-game action starts at the 1:47 mark if you want to get right to it, but Sawyer’s prelude is certainly worth two minutes of your life. Making it all even cooler is the conclusion, when he explains that the whole thing is 2D and then shows the level, completely without depth, in Unity. Amazing stuff indeed.

Source: Kickstarter

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