Obsidian had to lay off a number of staff members last year, but according to Chris Avallone, it could have been much, much worse.

Early last year Obsidian was forced to lay off a number of employees, but according to Fallout: New Vegas lead designer Chris Avallone, it could have been much worse, and that the company took pay-cuts in an effort to keep as many people as possible.

“That was not good times,” said Avallone. “That is never a conversation you ever want to have with employees.”

“I guess if I could express some sort of frustration, is that we didn’t have the full finances to support the staff we had after just the general economic problems, and the frustrating thing was we didn’t really have anyone at the studio that we wanted to let go. Everyone was performing great, but we actually had to reduce our staff and that totally sucked. Like, we took pay cuts, and we were like. ‘If we do this we could keep more staff.’ But we just couldn’t keep everybody.”

“It was a pretty miserable time,” he added.

Source: VG247

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