Ocarina of Time Gets a New Look in Gorgeous Fan Art


Monsters are fought and princess are rescued in these Ocarina of Time prints, and all without a word being spoken.

As part of a college project, freelance illustrator Vikki Chu has created a series of prints, showing how Link obtained the three spiritual stones in Ocarina of Time, with a wonderfully stylized look. These prints aren’t new, but they are incredibly pretty, and worth sharing all the same.

Anyone familiar with Ocarina of Time will recognize what’s going on in an instant, from Link entering the Great Deku Tree, to playing the ocarina for Darunia, to rescuing Princess Ruto from Lord Jabu Jabu’s belly. Chu created them in her senior year of Illustration class at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009. The brief was to re-interpret the look and feel of a videogame, something that Chu did exceedingly well.

Sadly, Chu can’t sell prints of these, as she doesn’t own the rights to the characters, but there’s nothing to stop us admiring them online. You can check out more of her artwork on her blog.

Source: GamePro

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