Palmer Luckey

Hawaii-based company Total Recall Technologies is claiming Luckey stole technology developed while under contract for his prototype Rift.

Whenever a company comes out with a cool new tech thing, it will inevitably be followed by a slew of lawsuits claiming “nuh-uh! We did it first!” Oculus VR, having come out with a cool new tech thing, is just as vunerable to said lawsuits. The latest one come from Hawaii-based company Total Recall Technologies, and is accusing Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey of breach of contract, and fraud.

Total Recall Technologies claims it hired Luckey in 2011 to create a “prototype head mounted display” after signing a contract and nondisclosure agreement. It is accusing Luckey of using feedback, and information obtained during his stint at the company to develop his prototype Oculus Rift unit, which he took to Kickstarter in 2012.

According to legal publication The Recorder (warning: paywall), Total Recall is seeking claims of breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing against Luckey, along with conversion and constructive fraud against both Luckey and Oculus VR.

Despite first being announced nearly four years ago, the consumer version of the Rift will only be arriving in 2016 (provided, of course, the company doesn’t lose too many lawsuits).

Source: The Recorder (Paywall) via IGN

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