Official Thor Trailer Strikes With the Might of Mjolnir

Marvel’s official Thor movie trailer has been released, just in case you weren’t able to see the version shown at Comic-Con.

The first official public trailer for Marvel Studios’s upcoming Thor film has just landed, one that won’t be taken down by Paramount anyway, and it’s worthy of the god of thunder himself. Unbeknownst to everyone, Thor is actually played by The Escapist’s very own Logan Westbrook.

Well, maybe not, but the resemblance between he and the movie’s Chris Hemsworth really is uncanny. In the trailer, Thor is first shown battling groups of soldiers with hand-to-hand combat in a very un-Thorlike way. It’s later revealed that Thor is cast out of Valhalla and stripped of his powers by Odin, his father and top dog amongst the gods, for apparent recklessness.

While on Earth, Thor has to deal with humanity’s questions about his origins in addition to the mischief of Loki. What better time to get rid of Thor than when he’s stuck on Earth with no power? Some of this mischief evidently includes the use of the Destroyer armor seen in the Thor comic book, an enchanted set of plate created by Odin.

Thankfully, the movie won’t be all about Thor in his powerless form, and will also include plenty of face-to-Mjolnir action and powerful lightning strikes. When Thor brings the hammer down, you better believe that everything nearby is coming down with it. I’ve got to say the movie looks a lot cooler than I expected, and doesn’t appear to be just another superhero flick. Thor will be released on May 6, 2011, in 3D if that floats your boat.

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