Omno by solo developer Studio Inkyfox is a serene single-player adventure puzzle game. You are a nameless and voiceless protagonist on a pilgrimage to uncover the history of a lost civilization.

Gameplay involves exploring the world using an increasing variety of movement skills to find and solve puzzles that include light platforming elements. New mechanics were introduced seamlessly into the gameplay, integrating old and new ideas into puzzles to make their inclusion feel meaningful. For example, the skating skill introduced in the snow biome made traversal fast and efficient in the desert biome and was necessary to complete puzzles in the spring biome. Each of these delightful mechanics works cohesively to create a perfectly paced gameplay experience.

This game doesn’t do anything new, but it doesn’t need to. Omno’s delightful vibe, slick polish, and carefully crafted design make it a game worth experiencing, even if just to marvel at the cinematic wonder that can be achieved by a single developer. If Omno is the type of game that typically appeals to you, I can absolutely recommend that it is worth your time.

Omno is available July 29 for $18.99 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass, with a Nintendo Switch release to follow sometime later.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Omno.

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