One Man Plays All Four Rock Band Instruments At Once


A Utah resident has achieved what was once thought impossible by playing all four Rock Band instruments at the same time successfully, and he’s got video to prove it.

It’s not that hard to play two Rock Band instruments at the same time. Anything plus vocals isn’t too bad if you know the song well enough. But all four instruments – guitar, bass, drums and vocals? – that’s a whole other story. Commonly determined an impossible feat by the participants of countless drunken arguments, the “one man Rock Band” has now actually been achieved by a YouTuber in Utah by the name of DarthGollumKong.

“The reason I can do this is because I was bored and interested enough to experiment with it, for just a few hours at a time,” he wrote. “Just for fun.”

How does he pull it off? Two guitar controllers tied at the neck, with the guitar played with a thumb on the neck and another doing the strumming while the bass is played underneath with his fingers on the neck and index on the strum. Vocals are sung into the mic which is attached to a stand, and the drums are set on the floor so that they can be played with drumsticks that are attached to the dude’s shoes.

DarthGollumKong has gotten good enough to be able to three star The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” with everything on Medium but drums, which is pretty damn impressive. At least I think so. Unpredictably, YouTube’s commenters seem to be either skeptical of the video’s validity or its creator’s worth as a human being in society.

“For those of you wondering about now if I have any friends, I do,” DarthGollumKong said in defense of himself. “You can see me playing with them in one of my other videos.”

It’s okay, dude. Don’t listen to the haters. We love you.

[Via Fidgit]

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