The newest version of Origin PC’s EON15-S gaming laptop offers up gaming performance in a portable package for under $1,000.

If you’re one of those folks that prefers their PC games on a laptop instead of a traditional desktop, then the new Origin PC EON15-S might be the perfect marriage of performance and price. This model has always been targeted at a value-oriented price point, but this year, Origin has gotten the cheapest configuration down to $999.

There are some change in this model. First, it sports the recently-released Nvidia 1050 Ti 4GB video card, which is a slight upgrade over the 980M that was in last year’s model. There’s also only one screen option – a 15.6 inch IPS panel at 1920 x 1080. That’s plenty for laptop gaming, especially considering the video card it’s packing.

The EON15-S also sports your choice of CPUs, from the lowly i3-7100H all the way up to the i7-7700HQ. You can choose up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and up to 6TB of storage, including the option to include M.2 SSDs. Origin rounds out the package with a RGB backlit keyboard and the option to have your laptop finished off with “custom automotive finish paint.” The whole package is just an inch thick and weighs in at five pounds.

Origin PC CEO and co-founder Kevin Wasielewski said in a press release, “For many years ORIGIN PC has wanted to offer a customizable laptop with a great gaming experience and premium support that doesn’t sacrifice quality and starts at a more accessible price point. Our new EON15-S laptop is a breakthrough product offering high-performance gaming, 6 hours of battery life, and 24/7 US based lifetime support all for just $999.”

Obviously, the $999 price point is for the entry-level model, and the more options you add, the more the price goes up. But no matter which model you buy, Origin throws in lifetime 24/7 US Based tech support. If you’re interested, you can find out more over at the Origin PC website.

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