A blast from the past rises from the tomb to frag again.

One of the first controversial first-person shooters to really make waves with explicit gore and an over-the-top delivery of brutal violence has returned in an unexpected format. Thanks to the meticulous programming efforts of an enthusiastic fan, a flash-based port of id Software’s seminal Doom is now available to play for free online.

A fellow who simply goes by the name of Mike diligently recompiled the components for the full shareware version of Doom from the source code and ported it to Flash format, allowing the first portion of the classic frag fest to be enjoyed from the comfort of any web browser. The game runs quite well but requires the latest Flash Player 10 plug-in to work properly. Playing with the new one-handed WASD control setup is a breeze. Sadly, there’s no music in the Flash version, but the sound effects are still there.

Aside from being free and easily accessible, the port is a great way to take a trip down memory lane for nostalgia’s sake. It’s also nice to not have to boot up from DOS or upgrade to a 486 computer to play, either. Whether you recall the classic with fondness or are too young to remember its pixelated glory, Doom is worth checking out. A reminder: the game is rated mature.

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