As gamers everywhere wonder if the new Wii remake of GoldenEye 007 can live up to the legacy of the original, one of the original developers just finds the whole thing “flattering.”

In the beginning of the month, it was rumored that Activision would be unveiling a Wii remake of beloved Bond shooter GoldenEye at the (then-impending) E3. And then they did, and message boards everywhere went up in flames over whether or not the game was living up to the spirit of the iconic original title.

It might help to know that people who worked on the original game – the game that showed that real FPS titles could work on consoles before Halo solidified it – think it’s cool, though. Speaking with Tim Empey, Karl Hilton, current boss of Crytek UK and former developer of GoldenEye, said that he thought the game was both true to the original and “flattering.”

“It’s quite incredible for a game that, you know, it does get into that pantheon of classic games that people continue to talk about years and years later,” said Hilton. “[The version] I saw at E3 seemed like a very nice version. It looks like they’ve done a very authentic job. And if there’s a market out there for people who want to relive the golden days of GoldenEye then you know … it’s very flattering that people still think there is so much value in it.”

He admitted that the original game hadn’t aged very well, saying that it was “an old game and looks it,” and that peoples’ view of the title was probably tinted by nostalgia. But that’s no reason to assume that a game that modernizes the aged original can’t be good, right?

(Tim Empey via CVG)

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