Original Tron Movie Finally Available Again


Disney has once again released the original Tron film with a host of extra features.

When supplies of the original Tron movie had dried up before the theatrical release of Tron: Legacy, rumors abounded over Disney’s reasoning. I have good news: It’s back up for sale again.

Amazon now has a listing for Disney’s new Blu-ray release of Tron: The Original Classic, in addition to a cheaper DVD release. The film has a brand new cover primarily in black and blue featuring Tron about to throw his virtual discus at your face.

The re-release includes a ton of extras according to its listing. There’s audio commentary from the director, producer, and visual effects supervisors, making of interviews with the actors, a look at the film’s development and how digital imagery was handled, a feature on Tron‘s music, deleted scenes, a talk about lightcycle design, concept art galleries, and evidently a version of Space Paranoids that might be playable (but this isn’t 100% confirmed by the listing). The Blu-ray version adds a Photo “Tronology” with director Steven Lisberger and his son Carl Lisberger as they go through Disney’s photo library and share personal memories and stories.

There isn’t a release date yet for Tron: The Original Classic, but it can be pre-ordered. If you also want a copy of Tron: Legacy, there’s a massive 5-disc bundle that includes The Original Classic and Legacy on Blu-ray in one blue box.

When I heard of the Tron shortage, it made me sweat considering my VHS version of the film is probably deteriorated by now, and I probably would have been too lazy to ever hook up a VCR anyway. It’ll be interesting to see how a film known for innovative CGI in the 1980s looks on an HD television through the glory of Blu-ray.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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