Ostriches were murdered so that a French company could wrap a new arcade stick in their skin.

A fancy French company called Hoon that sells leather jackets, belts, and jewelery is throwing its hat into the arcade stick business. It’s teamed up with European videogame peripheral manufacturer Neo Legend to create a super luxurious stick called the Hoon Entertainment System.

The HES was manufactured by hand in a “specialised Parisian workshop” (a workshop in Paris). It’s colored midnight blue, made out of lacquered oak wood, and features sides and corners upholstered with ostrich leather. Wow.

For all its luxury, I’ve got to say that the HES is pretty damn ugly. Maybe it looks better in person, but from photos it’s not too appealing to my personal aesthetic. Maybe the fancy pantses out there can appreciate it more.

It’s compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and will be available from Hoon’s website and a boutique in Paris on February 18, 2011. Price hasn’t yet been revealed, but if you’re the type of person that needs a dead ostrich to be associated with your gaming habits, I don’t think price is an issue.

Source: Hoon, via Engadget

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