These are ten of the easiest quiz questions we’ve ever run. If you can get them all correct in one shot, there’s a special badge in store – and another if you’re super-fast about it.

I’m going to be honest here, folks: We’re still taking it easy for the holidays. This week’s issue of The Escapist magazine is our Best Of issue, where we celebrate the best articles we’ve run in the past half-year – and our quiz is following suit.

We delved into our archives to find the ten easiest quiz questions we’ve ever run – that is, the questions that the highest percentage of respondents answered correctly – and decided to lump them all together in a quiz. Yes, they cover a wide variety of subjects, but they’re all really easy questions about said subjects.

So here, we have an incredibly easy quiz. Where’s the difficulty? How about this – you can only take this one time, but if you get it 100% right on your first try, you’ll get our special Super-Easy-Quiz 2010 badge!

But there’s another badge at stake, too. A week from now, we’ll be giving out another badge to the twenty fastest quiz-takers on our scoreboard (who don’t work for the site – sorry, Logan!). If you think you can balance speed with accuracy, you’ve got a shot at this. but it’s only a shot.

Go ahead: Try your luck, and take our Super Easy Quiz 2010 here! If nothing else, it’s a gift from us to you.

The Super Easy Quiz 2010!


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