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Take a detour to the Village of the Damned in Chapter 2 of Outlast 2 and find all 20 hidden recordings with the complete collectibles guide.

So close, and yet so far away. Blake is on the fast track to the mines, where his partner Lynn is stashed away, but a swarm of locusts knock him into a new nightmarish scenario.

Chapter 2: Job takes place almost completely in the Scalled village — a plague-ridden hellhole filled with sickly, weak victims. Most are too weak to hunt Blake down, but there’s one exceptional stalker that’ll give you trouble as you record and document all 20 collectibles.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

Table of Contents – Collectible Locations

Recordings Locations | Ch. 2: Job

[COMPLETE] There are 19 Recordings and Notes found throughout Chapter 2: Job.

The Scalled

Recording #056: Once you escape the hangman dream in the school, take footage of the rickety wooden raised tracks as you leave the narrow cavern.

Note #057: Moving down the cliffs, stop when you reach the tracks. Instead of crossing the bridge, look toward the rocks blocking the tracks — there’s a small alcove with a note.

Recording #058: Keep your camera out when crossing the bridge to witness the swarm of locusts.

Note #059: After falling off the bridge due to the locust swarm, you’ll pull yourself out of the trees and follow the stream. Along the way, look for a dead body. There’s a note by the corpse.

Recording #060: Continuing down the stream, you’ll crawl through a hollow log and reach a gate on the right. Record that gate.

Note #061: Past the “Sickness” gate, drop down into the canyon from the cliffs to the left and look on the ground near the Scalled body.

Note #062: As you enter the Scalled camp, look for a cavern on the right side. Weave around the sick creatures and climb up the ledge to a dead end alcove.

Note #063: Up the hill from the watery cave, there’s a small locked shocked. Look in the window to see the Scalled pissing in the puddle — circle around and crawl into the shack through that puddle to get the note.

Note #064: Continue up into the camp. There’s one house surrounded by more Scalled – hurry inside and get this note before a knife-wielding killer closes in on you.

Recording #065: Record the “Sickness” gate you saw earlier, only this time from the inside. You’ll get a quick view of that hulking Scalled wielding a crossbow.

St. Sybil Administration

Recording #066: Examining the computer screen in the dream sequence, then enter the now-open doorway down the hall. As you enter, it will pulsate with strange flesh. Record this event.

A Call for Help

Recording #067: Starting from the school cafeteria, leave and go left down the hall to the office on the left. Enter the door (don’t follow the shadow just yet!) and record the sickness that appears in this room.

The Last Supper

Note #068: Escaping the dream sequence with the first monster appearance, exit the closet into a room with writing on the walls. Check the desk here to get a note.

Recording #069: Crawl out of the open grave, then find the wall of barbed wire the Scalled used to capture you. It’s in the corner of this graveyard, to the back-right.

Note #070: Collect this note from an open grave, located near Blake’s shallow burial site

Note #071: Once you slide under the fence of the Scalled graveyard, you’ll enter a small camp with a note on the table to the left of the fire.

Recording #072: Past the small camp, you’ll reach a fence and hear a scream. There’s a hanging body from a tall tree, and several hunters standing beneath him. Record this incident.

Note #073: Jump into the structure on the cliff’s edge where you’ll need a rope to climb down to the river below. A note is found inside.

Recording #074: Record the Scalled corpses after they fall. Don’t start crawling or you’ll enter the school dream!

The School Roof

Recording #075: Record the mural on the wall that changes shape after putting away that document in the cafeteria.

We’re still searching for missing notes and footage. Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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