Outlast 2 Tip 5

To escape the angry mob in Outlast 2, you’ll need to slip through a terrifying cornfield unseen. Here’s exactly how to survive.

After taking shelter in a friendly farmer’s cellar, Blake is cornered by the psychopathic nun Marta in the cornfields. To escape, you’ll have to sprint and hide in the stalks, watching for cultist flashlights to avoid a machete to the face.

This is a tense, frightening sequence. Finding your way out of the cornfield isn’t entirely clear, so we’re provide the details you’ll need to avoid an instant death.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 5: The Fields

Ahead, you’ll meet up with an actually helpful member of this society. After getting up, he’ll lead you to his farm and help with your pounding headache once you’re allowed inside the house. Follow this kindly fellow’s path down into the cellar and rest up.

Blake wakes up to yelling as that strange woman returns. After a short scuffle, she kills Ethan. Poor guy never gave you up. Pull open the floor boards to climb up and out. Leave through the open gate on the right, and continue down the river – hop in the water and stick to the right ledge to step up and out. Cross the bridge and enter the cornfield ahead – try to ignore the burning effigy on the way.

Run to the locked gate at the end of the path to witness the same killer woman with the cross. Turn around, and you’ll see flashlights in the far distance. Run to the hole in the fence on the right, marked with a crate, and enter the cornfield to avoid the search party.

Stay in the tall corn – you can hide even standing! Keep moving and find the right-wall of the field. Stick to it and you’ll eventually reach a wooden ramp you can climb and hop over to reach a farmhouse.


A believer will corner you here. Use the porch to avoid the goon and sprint down the path to the right of the barn. Jump into the barrel to escape his view, then interact with the barn door. Hold and push to open the door and get inside.

There are more searchers in the barn. Go to the alcove on the right and hide in the barrel until the killer turns away, giving you time to sneak by the thugs. Go where they first appeared. Push the wheeled cart right toward the broken ladder, then climb up and hop into the hole to reach the upper floor.

Up here, there’s a spooky note and an even spookier corpse. Climb up from the cramped area and use the chain to open the door to the barn exit. All you need to do is balance on the board – too bad some jerk spots you and hits you with that creepy chained-up corpse, knocking Blake into a pile of viscera outside.

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