Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Job Pt. 1 – The Scalled


Welcome to Chapter 2: Job of Outlast 2. The full walkthrough continues as Blake enters unknown (and sickly) territory.

The Scalled are plague-stricken, sickly members of the cult. Banished into the mountains and left to rot in makeshift camp, these pathetic creatures can barely muster the energy to chase Blake.

Unfortunately, their leader is plenty strong. The massive symbiotic creature that stands above the rest of the Scalled is armed with a crossbow, and you’ll spend most of the chapter dodging and diving away from burning bolts.

Below, we’ll explain how to enter the Scalled village, and how to survive your first encounters.

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Job Pt. 1: The Scalled

Back in reality, follow the narrow cliff path down toward the ruined, rickety track bridge and carefully walk across the slippery logs toward the other side of the ravine. The mine is in the distance. It’s finally within reach.

If only that swarm of locusts didn’t knock Blake off his balance, dumping the poor guy down into the stream below. While hanging from the trees, you’ll get a glimpse of a totally new stalker – a giant Scalled.

Let’s try to ignore that thing for now. Cut yourself free and follow the stream toward a fallen tree. Hop over the obstacle and keep moving – you’re going in the right direction if you stumble on a corpse with a note on the water.

Continuing forward, walk on the fallen tree to ramp over the pile of rocks, and slide / crawl under the bramble of fallen trees ahead. The trigger for this is kind of finicky – keep trying and you’ll (hopefully) trigger a jump-scare, allowing you to progress and crawl under the barrier of trees.


Slip inside the hollow tree trunk to reach the gate ahead. There’s a warning – “The Sickness” keeps everyone out of the area. Drop down the cliffs to the left of the gate and crawl under the rocks to reach the Scalled camp. These poor dregs wander around, but won’t attack you. Just don’t get too close.

The town itself is mostly safe. Grab an extra battery from the first house, but watch out as you move past the camp and up the hill. One of the Scalled doesn’t appreciate you, and slowly approaches with a machete. Keep walking! Ahead, you’ll encounter the interior side of that locked gate we saw earlier.

Move up the rocky cliff’s edge and follow the bloody handprints up. Shimmy along the narrow ledge, and continue up until you’re knocked back down by a surprise Scalled. Blake just can’t catch a break. After you’ve landed in a disgusting camp filled with crawling Scalled, you’ll soon encounter that hulking conjoined brute up-close-and-personal.

This massive monster shoots arrows from a crossbow when it spots you. Get close, and it uses hulking strength to hold you still while the top-half shoots you dead. Don’t let it get close! He’ll be busy killing Scalled for now.


Immediately hide in the tall grass and wait for the conjoined monster to walk far enough into the camp to give yourself an opening. Sprint by him and stick to the left cave-wall. Throw off the incoming hunters, press through the foliage, and rush toward the cabin ahead. There’s a crack in the center – slip inside to complete this section and reappear in a dream.

This is just the start of our full walkthrough for Outlast 2. Check out the rest of the parts as we continue to update in the Table of Contents above.

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