Whistleblower sets the stage for the asylum’s haunting.

The upcoming DLC for Outlast, the terrifying horror game best known for making Conan O’Brien pee his pants, will be a prequel called Whistleblower. The news comes shortly after developer Red Barrels announced plans to make DLC for the game earlier this week. Whistleblower will take place before Mount Massive, the abandoned asylum where the game takes place, was shut down.

While the details are still a little vague, players will take control of a new character, whose firsthand knowledge and records of the horrible experiments taking place at the facility lead the main game’s protagonist, Miles Upshur, to investigate the facility. As the new character, players will explore new areas, meet new characters, and try to solve the mysteries of the asylum. According to developer Red Barrels, players will see instances of insanity and abuse that “may be a bit too close for comfort” for some players.

As of now, there is no set release date for Whistleblower. Outlast is available for currently available for PC, and in development for PS4.

Source: Polygon

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