Ouya Releases, Then Pulls, Insane Vomit-Filled Commercial


The Ouya commercial was pulled within hours of being uploaded. This being the internet means it was of course mirrored just as fast.

The Ouya, an Android-based indie console, launched earlier this year with more of a whimper than a bang, and the team has been desperately trying to repair the company’s image ever since. However, a recent commercial that was uploaded and then pulled from YouTube within a couple hours certainly isn’t helping the case. Of course, owing to the Streisand effect, trying to remove something only brings more attention to it, and this being the internet means that someone was sure to re-upload a mirror of the commercial for your viewing “pleasure”.

The video starts off ok – a gamer is holding a copy of “Medal of Duty” and complaining about its $60 price tag, and that “it’s exactly the same game!” Har har. We get it. Mainstream console games are all “the same” and expensive, while Ouya games are “unique” and cheap (or free). This would have been a pretty good commercial, but then things take a very Beavis and Butthead turn for the worse.

Our Medal Of Duty gamer then proceeds to fill half of his living room with vomit, rip out his spine, and start beating himself to death with it. Yeah. Ouya views you, the guy “wasting” $60 on crappy games as a brain-dead moron that literally wallows in his own filth and beats himself to death.

The existence of this commercial kind of bothers me. Someone wrote, animated, voiced, and uploaded the commercial to YouTube, and at no point did anyone say “hey, maybe this isn’t such a great idea?” It was only until after the video was uploaded that someone at Ouya finally came to their senses and pulled it.

What do you guys think of the commercial? Am I just being too big of a prude, or do you feel the same way?

Source: YouTube (thanks Harabeck!)

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