Sony’s virtual world is about to get a lot more lively (too soon?) with the addition of over 100,000 new beta testers.

The PlayStation Home team hit a milestone last night with the release of beta 1.0 for testers of Sony’s virtual world application for the PlayStation 3. While the release marks a series of improvements for the service, the real news for those outside the secret confines of Home is that tonight, over 100,000 beta invites for Home will be sent out to European PlayStation Network users.

The massive amount of invites are being sent out in preparation for a stress load test, also scheduled for tonight. Next week, yet another, even larger group of lucky PSN users will be invited into Home, though no region was specified. Should you not get into that, an open beta “will not be far behind” according to Sony.

Sony’s European Home community manager would also like to remind all their new testers that Home is not a game and this is not a launch, but the start of a journey. I just hope that doesn’t mean Home is getting delayed. Again.

Update: PS3 Fanboy is reporting that due to an error on Sony’s end, European invites have been put on hold for a few days. Meanwhile, PSN users in the US are currently receiving invites.

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