Overwatch Anniversary Kicks Off with New Skins, Dances, and New Arena Maps


The Overwatch anniversary event is live, and now you can do a little dance in game.

The Overwatch anniversary event has kicked off, and will run through June 12. There’s plenty of new content in this event, including a bunch of new legendary skins (which you can see below), and even dance emotes for your hero of choice.

This event includes more than 100 rewards, including what Blizzard says is its “largest-ever release of new Legendary skins.” You can earn Anniversary Loot Boxes by playing during the event, and of course you can also purchase them if you desire. If you log in during the event, you’ll get a free loot box as well. In addition to the new skins, you’ll find 24 new voice lines, 25 new sprays, and 25 player icons. As is usual, the anniversary loot boxes will be gone once the event ends.

Also included in this update are three new arena maps. These smaller maps are available for up to 3v3 elimination matches. First up is Necropolis, a nighttime map set outside the Temple of Anubis. Castillo is an old fort that overlooks the bay near Dorado, and Black Forest is an old battlefield on the outskirts of Eichenwalde. These three maps won’t be leaving when the event ends. Instead, they’ll be part of the game henceforth.

You can find more information about the event on the official developer update video featuring Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan.

In that video, Kaplan says, “We can’t thank you enough for what an amazing year it’s been. And we look forward to the year in front of us. Thank you.”

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