A trio of Anas can get you kicked from matches for inactivity.

Overwatch‘s newest hero, Ana, was added to the game earlier this month, and unfortunately she is capable of causing a lot of grief for players going up against her – more specifically, going up against more than one of her.

A video posted on the Overwatch subreddit shows three players on a single team selecting Ana and teaming up against one enemy. In the video, the Anas take turns firing sleep darts, which causes their opponent to fall asleep for over 5 seconds. Once the enemy is about to get up, the next takes a shot, and so on. This can lead to a player being removed for inactivity because, even though they are still at their computer, they are technically not active. However, as the top comment points out, this isn’t the most feasible plan for matches, as the rest of your team will be dealing with five players, and those five players will probably be trying to take you out.

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