overwatch open beta

Blizzard says that Overwatch‘s open beta was the biggest in company history.

So it turns out that quite a few players tuned in to Overwatch‘s open beta last week, as Blizzard has reported that more than 9.7 million heroes played the game during the open beta across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This makes it the company’s biggest beta ever, beating out established franchises like Diablo and Warcraft.

However, the most impressive thing to come out of this beta is that despite the massive player count, we didn’t get the “Error 37” shenanigans that are expected of high-profile Blizzard launches these days.

“All told, Open Beta participants teamed up to play more than 4.9 billion minutes (over 81 million hours) across more than 37 million matches of intense competitive action and all-out fun,” said Blizzard in a press release.

What were your thoughts from the beta? Will Overwatch be a day-1 purchase for you, or did you already get your fill?

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