Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne is coming to Rock Band and he’s bringing six tracks with him, including three from his upcoming new album Scream.

When I was young, I was kind of sweet on a girl who had a really neat Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt. I don’t remember her name but I do remember the shirt: It featured a fanged, grimacing image of Ozzy with blood dripping from his lips and the words “The Madman Bites the Bat!” emblazoned across the back. My goodness, how times have changed. The maniac metal god who terrorized my parents has stumbled upon more fame and fortune than ever as a reality TV star and media-friendly corporate spokesman, and when I finally got around to seeing him live a few years ago it was clear that his days of avian snack attacks were long behind him.

But he is the Prince of Darkness and his legend is unassailable, and so it is that Ozzy will make his Rock Band debut with a set of six tracks that will be released as DLC on the Rock Band Music Store: “Crazy Babies” from the 1988 classic No Rest For the Wicked, the 1991 hit “No More Tears” from the album of same name, “I Don’t Wanna Stop” from Black Rain in 2007 and three tracks from Scream: “Diggin’ Me Down,” “Soul Sucker” and “Let Me Hear You Scream.”

According to a translator hired by Harmonix, Ozzy said, “I hope Rock Band players around the world are ready to have their living rooms invaded by me!” He then dumped a bucket of water on himself and sat down in a nearby chair, after which he began yelling at his wife to remind him where he was.

The track list is a bit of a letdown; as a fan, I appreciate Ozzy’s durability but I’d really rather see more of the classic stuff. Where’s “Crazy Train” or “I Don’t Know?” What about “Steal Away the Night”, “Flying High Again” or “Bark At the Moon?” Obviously there’s a promotional tie-in to the new album that has to be considered but with such a deep catalog, it’s disappointing to see so much truly great stuff overlooked.

The Ozzy Osbourne Rock Band six-pack will be available on June 15, the same day that Scream hits store shelves. Rumors of a special Collector’s Edition retail release, which will include a small toy bat with detachable head and the 2010 edition of the FAA Pilot Safety Handbook, were unconfirmed as of press time.

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