Pac-Man Apparently Joins Street Fighter X Tekken Cast


Also, Balrog, Vega, Juri, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, Ling Xiaoyu and what looks like a grotesquely obese Mega Man.

Two new trailers were issued this morning for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, and while they do cover the customary “reveal new fighters” angle, they go a bit overboard on that, tossing in videogame dudes that are both unexpected and totally baffling.

Before we get to that though, you should watch the clips. The one embedded at top-right is the cinematic trailer. As per usual, it’s a neat bit of CGI fisticuffs that does a pretty solid job of officially welcoming Balrog, Juri, Paul, Xiaoyu, Vega and Law to the cast. If nothing else, this is what we expect when Capcom says it has a new trailer for this game.

And then we have the second trailer. It’s less conventional.

Don’t get me wrong, it starts off pretty standard. For the first few minutes it’s a stock gameplay demonstration of the new fighters, showing off the game’s pretty graphics and over-the-top style.

Then you get to the last 15 seconds of the thing and the developers decide to demonstrate the Vita version. More specifically, the developers decide to demonstrate the additional characters created specifically for the handheld. Toro and Kuro, Sony’s adorable Japanese feline mascots that never really caught on here in The States, battle Cole, the hyper-generic bald protagonist from the inFamous series. Then, with a single finger swipe, the Vita’s screen shifts to a pair of silhouettes.

“Who are these two, you wonder?” before immediately realizing that the left one is the anthropomorphic Pac-Man seen in those platforming spin-offs Namco was so fond of a few console generations ago.

The one on the right however, gives you a bit of pause. You can make out what looks like an arm cannon, and maybe a helmet, but that figure is far too large and chubby to be Mega Man. But who else could it be? Frank West in a Mega Man costume? Capcom wouldn’t do that again, right?

(Note: For the record, I have no inside knowledge of what that silhouette on the right might be. It could actually be Mega Man, as so many other websites seem to believe. However, since Capcom’s attempts to troll its own fanbase amuse me greatly, I’ve got my fingers crossed for more Frank West action. Maybe that Protoman costume from Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.)

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