Pachter Predicts New GTA in 2010


The seemingly ubiquitous Micheal Pachter has predicted that Rockstar will release the next GTA in 2010.

The award-winning Wedbrush Morgan analyst was having a field day on Grand Theft Auto predicitions, besides prediciting a new title in 2010, he also predicted that it would easily outsell GTA:IV, saying:

“When the next version of GTA comes out in late 2010 (not yet announced, but a reasonable expectation), there should be an installed base of approximately 60 million consoles in the addressable market. We don’t think it is reasonable to estimate that sales of GTA will double the prior version, but we think that a 25-30% penetration is reasonable, suggesting 15-18 million units sold.”

But wait, there’s more!

Pachter also had predicitions about GTA:IV downloadable content, saying this on the subjecct:

“Take-Two released the first instalment of DLC for GTA in mid-February, and we estimate that the game has been downloaded over one million times to date. By year-end, we think that this figure will likely double… the next instalment of DLC is due later this year, perhaps coming after the close of the company’s October 31 fiscal year.”

It all seems quite fanciful stuff I’ll admit, but Pachter has an annoying habit of being right more often then he is wrong. Will 2010 see us causing more sandbox based havoc? One can only hope.

Source: CVG

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