Pacific Rim Kaiju Attack Recreated in Massive Lego Sculpture

Pacific Rim has never looked better than it does in this amazing Lego diaroma created by builder OliveSeon.

Okay, so maybe in a technical sense Pacific Rim looked “better” on a gigantic theater screen, but Lego has a way of making everything just a little bit cooler, at least when it’s done well – and this confrontation between a Kaiju and a Jaeger is done very, very well indeed.

The work was created by OliveSeon, a Lego artist from South Korea who has put together an impressive array of Lego art above and beyond this spectacular scene, including builds featuring Godzilla, Mothra, some generic (I think) fantasy landscapes and a number of really great Star Wars scenes.

Impressive, no? I may be a fully-grown adult but even so, I don’t mind admitting it: This is the kind of work that makes me just a little bit jealous.

Source: Flickr

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