Capture The Can is the greatest Call of Duty video you’ll see today, and it doesn’t actually have anything to do with the game.

This clip is actually a music video for Porter Robinson’s “Spitfire.” Incredibly, it was shot with a high-speed camera cleverly edited to appear as one single, long take. The floating, CoD-esque name tags were added in post-production, but otherwise this thing is glorious testament to the creative power of the gamer generation — particularly now that we’re old enough to convince wealthy investors to fork over real budgetary cash.

Now, I don’t want to sound like the hyper-caffeinated, overgrown five-year-old that I almost definitely am, but there is a certain sequence seen at 1:05, that is just wicked sweet.

Our “protagonist” sprints across the top of a car, leaps off the roof, spins in mid-air and guns down a player hiding inside the trunk of the same vehicle. Straight up, that was awesome, even with that dog being a jerk about the whole thing.

Director Saman Keshavarz has also posted a “making of” video to his YouTube channel that explains what went into the choreography and actual filming of this thing. It’s recommended for film students, and anyone who watched that clip and found themselves agreeing with that petulant pooch.

If I have one complaint about the clip however (aside from my Portland-based qualms with dance music in general), it’s with the swears at the end. I realize that it could both be taken as an excited exaltation of what we’ve just watched, and a mirror of the behavior of online shooter players as a whole, but it casts a hint of a juvenilism over what is otherwise a video that more than speaks for itself.

It’s like a terrible touchdown dance after a 50-yard breakaway sprint to the goal line.

Somewhere Ickey Woods is shaking his head (with undeniable funk).

Source: Geekologie

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