Panasonic Developing Real-Life Power Loader Like the One In Aliens


A video by Panasonic subsidiary Activelink shows an exoskeleton suit that gives the wearer superhuman strength just like in Aliens and is even named the “Power Loader.”

If you’ve watched the ’80s sci-fi horror film Aliens, one of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Ripley takes out the queen Xenomorph using the Power Loader. Now, it seems electronics firm Panasonic is making our Alien dreams a reality, as its subsidiary, Activelink, is working on a powered exoskeleton suit that’s set to hit the market in 2015.

Activelink, which is Panasonic’s robotics research arm, has even dubbed its suit the Power Loader, which, of course, is named after the Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader from the first Alien movie. This real-life machine will enable the wearer to lift up to 100 kilograms and run at speeds of up to eight kilometers per hour. The firm is also working on a smaller version of the suit, called the Power Loader Lite, that will the human wearer to lift 50-60 kilograms. Both suits will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that will provide several hours’ worth of energy.

According to Activelink, the real-life Power Loader will initially be used in construction work, nuclear power plants and emergency situations; though it would like to develop a suit that can be fitted under a spacesuit or diving gear for space and underwater purposes. Thinking of getting one for when aliens invade the planet? The machine will cost 500,000 Yen, which is roughly $4890 when converted to today’s exchange rate, but it’s still unknown whether this is for the full-scale Power Loader or its smaller brethren.

With the price not being exorbitantly high, are we in for a future where we’ll see people wearing Power Loaders in public? If so, count me in.

Source: PSFK via CNET

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